Our outdoor display is open to public during our working hours, so you can always come by just to take a look. When you are ready to talk to us about a memorial you can either simply walk into the office or make an appointment for a later date. We will be happy to meet you in the comfort of your own home if you would prefer that. When we meet we will first ask you some determining questions about the cemetery and the number of plots to establish size and color restrictions that may apply. Then we can talk about what you have envisioned for a memorial. If you are comfortable with the idea, we will discuss your relationship to the deceased. Finding out more about the person we are designing this tribute for will allow us to help you make this memorial special and unmistakably represent your loved one. We will be able to make suggestions about the memorial style, wording and symbols that would best capture your memories. We are open to you having your own pictures or design ideas for a memorial based on something else you have seen, or we can match an existing memorial on a family plot. Once we agree on a design we will have a proof made for your approval. When the memorial is finished and the concrete base is poured by the cemetery our staff will deliver and install the memorial.


In order to be better prepared for your visit or appointment here are a few important pieces of information to try to find out:

    • Exact spelling on names and exact dates
    • Cemetery name, town it’s in and phone number
    • Number of plots and memorial size allowed per plot
    • Special cemetery regulations. For example, many Catholic cemeteries require a cross to be engraved on a memorial, or certain cemeteries allow only memorials of a specific color.
    • Dates the foundations are poured by the cemetery. All memorials and even benches sit on concrete foundations, or bases, which are poured by the cemetery several times a year. The size of your memorial will determine the size of the foundation that needs to be poured, however the memorial cannot be installed until the base is in place, which make take several months.


More and more people are starting to select their own memorials in advance. They are doing it out of love for their family to make the times after their passing easier on their loved ones. Some people choose to make all of the decisions alone while others include their family into the planning process. This assures people that they will be remembered the way they want to be and gives them lots of time to think through their decisions and to find the best value.



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