When ordering a monument or a marker from us you  can be certain in the highest quality of engraving. We engrave our granite deeply, to last and be clear for centuries.

Here are some factors to consider when thinking about engraving on a memorial.


We have hundreds of designs that can be engraved on a memorial. Please click on the links below for PDF files with examples of floral, religious and other designs that can be added to a monument or a cemetery marker. Some of the pictures you will see display just the designs, while other examples display names and dates as well. Many of these engraving designs serve as frames for the text displayed within, and often have frosted panels represented by white space on the pictures. To see examples of what a frosted panels looks like on a real memorial please visit one of the memorial pages

Monument Design Book – Flat Markers

 Monument Design Book – Slanted Markers

Monument Design Book – Vertical Upright Memorials




Flat carving uses engraved lines and sandblasted areas to create two-dimensional drawing on the memorial.

Shaped carving is a combination of engraved lines and chiseled relief. Shaped carving has beautiful shadows and looks especially flattering when used for engraving flowers.



Hand etching is an image drawn on the memorial with a sharp object. With traditional hand etching an artist uses a sharp tool to hand-draw a photo of a person or a scene onto a memorial. These etchings have very fine detail and look best on dark-colored memorials.

Laser etching uses computer software and an engraving machine to recreate high contrast photographs or images on memorials. These etchings are more affordable than the work of an artist however they offer less detail.



At Haluch’s we offer ceramic photo setting on our memorials.