Flat Markers

Flat markers are small granite or bronze plates installed just a few inches off the ground. They are almost invisible from a distance and are the only type of memorial allowed at some cemeteries and memorial parks.

Most of the memorials we sell are custom made, meaning that the shape, color, finish and design of the memorial are entirely up to our customers.

Catalog of Flat Markers

Flat Marker Gallery

At Haluch’s we understand that choosing a memorial can be an emotional experience for many. Choosing the right shape, color, lettering style, and imagery for a memorial can be a difficult decision, but we are here to assist you every step of the way.

Please browse through the images to see memorials we have had the pleasure of creating with our customers.

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Other Memorial Styles

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Engraving and Etching

When ordering from Haluch’s you can be certain your memorial will have high quality, deep, long lasting engraving and etching to last and be clear for centuries.

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